Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) upgrade – low noise PSU interface

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320,00 PLN (excl. Tax)

LPSU interface for the new Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) device.
This interface replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device.


LPSU interface for Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) device.
This interface replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device.

Compared to the original power supply, this interface offers a significant reduction in noise level, to less than 1uV/Hz (depends on PSU used).


    • fuller sound, darker background, more space and details
    • more better controlled low tones
    • less harsh sounds at high frequencies


    • removes EMI/RFI sources from inside device
    • short-circuit and overload protection, reverse polarity protection
    • additional  voltage filters for better ripple damping
    • module is equipped with double induction chokes, super-fast polymer capacitors with ultra-low ESR
    • total capacity: 15000uF

Interface require 5V DC power supply.
Minimum current 2A. DC plug 5.5/2.1mm (5.5/2.5mm compatible), center pin positive.
Interface is fully guaranteed even if third party power supplies are used.

14 reviews for Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) upgrade – low noise PSU interface

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    Ich schreibe selten Rewies aber hier muss es einfach mal sein.
    Tolles Produkt in super Verarbeitung.
    Lediglich eine Fixierung am Board mit der rechten unteren Gehäuse-Schraube hinten hätte ich mir noch gewünscht.
    In 15 Minuten eingebaut, IFI Netzteil 5V/2.5A dran und lauschen.
    Bei mir gehts vom Node N130 über ein Oyaide Silber Digital Kabel zum neuen MusicalFidelity DAC M6x und dann an die aktiven Canton A45 Boxen.
    Von Anfang an mehr Druck im Bass und Transparenz im Klang.
    Nächste Woche kommt noch an lineares Netzteil an den Node. Bin gespannt, was das noch einmal bringt.

    I rarely write reviews but here it just has to be.
    Great product with great workmanship.
    The only thing I would have wished for was a fixation on the board with the lower right housing screw at the back.
    Installed in 15 minutes, IFI power pack 5V/2.5A on and listen.
    For me it goes from the Node N130 via an Oyaide silver digital cable to the new MusicalFidelity DAC M6x and then to the active Canton A45 speakers.
    More pressure in the bass and transparency in the sound right from the start.
    Next week a linear power supply will be added to the node. I’m curious what that will bring on top.

  2. Jim C (verified owner)

    I don’t know who or why someone would look at a bluesound node and think they could transform it into an audiophile streamer but he or she sure did with this upgrade kit. The improvement is revelatory. I use as a transport into an external dac and the improvement is astounding. 5 day delivery to the USA. Anyone with a Phillips screwdriver can install in 20 minutes. Paired with a sbooster lps it is the most impressive 500 dollar investment I have made to my system. If you have a node just buy this. You will be amazed.

  3. Mehr

    So what should I write…..
    I’m absolutely thrilled and the sound gain is really awesome 5 stars plus.
    Great service, what more could you ask for.
    Fast delivery.
    Very easy assembly.
    My Node 3rd Generation has gained at least three steps forward.
    A calm in the sound and the precision / details have clearly gained.

  4. Peter Bailey (verified owner)

    If I could, I would have given more that 5 stars. An absolutely brilliant improvement. I’m using it with an iFi Audio iPower X Low Noise Power Supply and the sound is fantastic. It just goes to prove that mains power needs to be kept out of all audio equipment, and this is certainly no exception. Perhaps even more so!

  5. Ron Toolsie (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery to the US within a week of ordering. Almost immediately i received an email alerting me to a *possible* manufactering glitch and requested I send photos of board- which I did and got an almost immediate response that my board was fine…but for my trivial inconvenience I was being credited with a 15% discount…which I immediately received.
    The instructions were very clear and unambigious,but did not fully warn me how difficult snapping it back together would be…it took me twice as long to close it back as it did to open it, remove the existing board, and fix in the PD one.

    I too use a very large LPS previously used on a SBT (1200VA transformer, 40k uF in filter caps, discrete regulators, additional choke filtering etc, so its no suprise the analog outputs on the N130 were very much improved over the rather bland and compressed presentation the stock player gives. BUT the digital output also got a boost with more extension at both ends and an overall purer and less hashy tonality.
    The 2.5mm DC plug that i had been using with the Squeezebox Touch was way too sloppy and loose into the PD board, so i got a 2.5->2.1mm adaptor from Amazon which was a much better fit…but i also ordered a new DC cable with the proper plugs hardwired from Ghentaudio- which was only delivered today, and will be tested shortly.
    Regardless…this is a highy recommended upgrade- just be prepared to unshuck an oyster when you try to close the Node back.

  6. Mike Majorowicz (verified owner)

    Used with Allo Shanti LPS and Signal cable power cable for a very noticeable sound improvement. Excellent products, highly recommended.

  7. Dan (verified owner)

    Received and installed the power interface for the Bluesound NODE and the improvements are much more than I expected. Thank you!

  8. ron (verified owner)

    WOW. i paired this with a cheap linear power supply and it is spectacular. i am all in at $220.00 and is well worth it. i use my node as streamer only and still makes a big difference. truly takes the node to a new level as just a streamer. wish pawel would offer a 120v lps for this, it would be one stop shopping. highly recommended.

  9. Jorge (verified owner)

    I saw reviews of this and thought I’d give it a try—I already have a 5v 3a linear power supply that was custom made for a Squeezebox 3. I’ve been tweaking every part of my system—wires, tubes, different amps and preamps without much change in what I’d describe as hash. But the problem was at the source—a new Bluesound Node. Installing this was relatively easy with the instructions being very clear. The hardest part was reassembly—seating the top to fit under the hinges. The sound cleared up dramatically, both the analogue and digital outs. Linn used to say music started with the source, so spend half your budget on a good turntable. In this case improving the source of your music is relatively cheap. I was hesitant to modify a nearly new streamer, but it was definitely worth it.

  10. Greg (verified owner)

    I was expecting a subtle, if any, difference from installing this mod. Instead, I’m blown away. Every aspect of the music is better, for a fairly minimal investment. I honestly can’t imagine NOT installing this mod if you care about high-resolution output from the NODE. Installation took all of 15 minutes and was very, very easy.

  11. marcopolo96

    Świetna robota Panie Pawle. Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem. Dźwięk jest niesamowity w całym paśmie. Dodam że pierwotnie miałem zasilacz impulsowy firmy na i. Było nieźle, ale po zmianie na zasilacz liniowy jest imponująco!!!

  12. Patrick Patterson (verified owner)

    The board was easy to install and fit perfectly. The sound was very much improved. I could go into the separation and the way the sound stage, placement of the instruments was closer to a live performance. But I just will cut to the chase: if you do any upgrade to the new Bluesound Node this is the one to do! You won’t regret it. I live in the US so had to source a 120v linear power supply from China. The systems work seamlessly together.

  13. George

    The music sounds fantastic, noticable improvement. Same quality as before, very well done.

  14. Lesheck

    Duża poprawa jeśli chodzi o samego DACa ale w dalszym ciągu to nie jest poziom mojego Myteka Brooklyn. Jeśli zaś chodzi o sam transport to nie słyszę już różnic między transportem z Node a bezpośrednim połączeniem NASa do DACa Brooklyn’a. Zmiana zdecydowanie w dobrą stronę.

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