Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) upgrade – low noise interface + SMPSU

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440,00 PLN (excl. Tax)

Upgrade Kit for Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) device.
This Kit contains:
– LPSU interface
– external low ripple Meanwell SMPSU in medical standard

This interface replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device and connect PSU.


Upgrade Kit for Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) device.
This Kit contains:
– LPSU interface
– external low ripple Meanwell SMPSU in medical standard

This interface replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device and connect PSU.
This PSU  offers a noticeable improvement in sound. Better results can be achieved with discrete power supplies that you can upgrade at a later time.


    • fuller sound, darker background, more space and details
    • more better controlled low tones
    • less harsh sounds at high frequencies


    • removes EMI/RFI sources from inside device
    • short-circuit and overload protection, reverse polarity protection
    • additional  voltage filters for better ripple damping
    • module is equipped with double induction chokes, super-fast polymer capacitors with ultra-low ESR
    • total capacity: 15000uF

Assembly instructions  – PDF

Ripple and noise of factory NODE (N130) psu.

Ripple and noise of SMPSU upgrade kit.

12 reviews for Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) upgrade – low noise interface + SMPSU

  1. Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) (verified owner)

    Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3)
    Besten Dank, für die schnelle Lieferung in die Schweiz. Der umbau war unkompliziert.
    Und ich bin nach 2 Stunden Musik höhren, einfach nur begeistert. Was diesr Bluesound Node 130 leistet, mit dem neuen Netzteil von PD Creativ. Es hat sich 100% gelohnt.
    Werde zu einem spätern Zeitpunkt, noch das besser Netzteil kaufen. Das PD Creativ anbietet.
    Herzliche Grüsse aus Der Schweiz

  2. Brett (verified owner)

    Well engineered and good product, small investment for an improvement in sound quality.
    Thank you for the quick shipping and service, very easy to do business with.

  3. Brad B in NM (verified owner)

    Terrific product. Installation was quick and straight-forward, the instructions were excellent.
    Sound is noticeably improved. Details are easier to hear, noise floor is lower, and the sound is more relaxed.
    Soundstage is wider and deeper, tone is excellent.
    I will be trying an R-core linear power supply later, but already VERY happy with this purchase.

    Shipping was blazing fast.

  4. John

    If someone had suggested that upgrading the power supply would have made such a difference, I would not have believed them.
    Simply extraordinary, the streamer has gone next level, it’s an absolute joy to listen to, it lights up my ears, just looking forward to our groups next music night to show it off.

  5. Igor

    I am electrical engineer, hifi hobbist for many years. Setup: N130 is connected to Atoll IN200 and Wharfedale evo 4.2, Supra cables. Main setup is Quadral Aurum Gamma, Oppo. Trigger to test: succesful upgrade of my Oppo player with a linear PSU (not from PD, few years ago). PD service – perfect: fast reply, uncomplicated, constructive (at first i ordered the wrong part), very fast shipment. Upgrade: well engineered, excellent instructions, easy to install, perfect fit in every regard. Effect: big, for me easily noticable and worth every cent – both with Toslink and analog connections. I am very happy, curious and “afraid” that i will soon go for the ultra low noise PSU …

  6. Tomek

    Polecam każdemu wielbicielowi muzyki.
    Firma Pana Pawła to pełna profeska 🙂
    Po zakupie Node grał ledwie zadowalająco, sklepie audio doradzono mi wymianę zasilacza, powiem szczerze, jestem raczej laikiem w temacie i nie byłem co do tego przekonany. Pogrzebałem w necie i zamówiłem u Pana Pawła,
    no i rewelacja !!!
    Node dostał jakby drugie życie, teraz to jest naprawdę fajny sprzęt, uważam, że relacja ceny do jakości (po wymianie zasilacza) jest rewelacyjna.
    Node (gen.3) + Creek Evo2 + Dali Ikon 6

  7. Alex (verified owner)

    I’ve just received today my LPSU interface and MeanWell power supply for my Bluesound Node n130. I’m using the Node as a streamer only, paired with a Topping D70s DAC via USB (Supra cable). At first, immediately after the installation, I’ve found the sound to be more detailed, but a little bright for my taste. I left the Node alone in stand-buy for about 3 hours, and after that short burn-in period I returned to it and I was blown away. Greater soundstage, darker background and overall much less listening fatigue compaired to the OEM power supply. So I’m very happy with it. Many thanks. The new sound of my Node is incredible and I love it.

  8. Azamat (verified owner)

    What a great little upgrade – really easy to install, great engineering, works beautifully! Shipping was literally same day.
    Can’t say I can hear any difference in sound though – maybe that’s because I use external DAC.

  9. Steph

    A week has passed since I put the Polish module on Node, with the SMPSU bundle delivered. This is honestly the biggest qualitative leap in terms of investment!

  10. Pietro (verified owner)

    I received and easily mounted the update for node 2021
    I am writing to congratulate, i didn’t believe it but the improvements in clarity and depth of sound are spectacular.
    Thank you

  11. Mauro

    The improvement is clear and audible even with the external DAC

  12. Torben

    I just installera this upgrade.
    And I just dont know what happens with the sound its clearer and the bass is better, its just sounds so different.
    Thanks for a fine produkt.

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