For audiophiles, we offer dedicated systems for modifying devices and complete power supply systems. We are still working on extending our offer for hifi world. The offer will shortly include stabilized power supplies for audio devices, and high-quality non-stabilized power supplies for DIY.

Our systems are made of carefully selected elements, often it is the result of long measurements and tests. We only use branded components from authorized suppliers. Thanks to this, we can guarantee proven and repeatable quality.

To prove this, each of our power supplies has attached proof in the form of individual measurements made on high-quality measuring equipment. All measurements are performed under load in real working conditions, no disturbances from the mains and other devices where subtracted from the results. So you can expect to get exactly what you buy, not just “advertising” data.

Our products are present in homes in many countries in North America to Europe and the Euro-Asia. We owe such coverage only thanks to positive reviews directly from our users. Our products were written on:

Our products was also tested by:
Jaap Veenstra –
Hans Beekhuyzen –
Reinhard Haberfellner –
Mark Gusew – StereoNET Australia (no public review)

Unfortunately, not all of these places we can register and answer your questions. However, we can arrange a free tests of our products for the hifi communities. If you are interested, please contact us by email.