Our systems are built of carefully selected elements, often as the result of long measurements and tests. We only use branded electronic components from authorized EU and US suppliers. The transformers used in the production of our power supplies are dedicated toroidal transformers for powering audio devices, which are made of high-quality alloys and have additional insulation and an additional amount of copper. Thanks to this, even under full load they work without any disturbances and are free of magnetostriction effect.

All semi-finished products used in production, such as housings, printed circuit boards or transformers, are manufactured by suppliers from the European Union in accordance with the RoHS directive. The assembly of the elements is fully monitored. Its critical stages, such as surface assembly or the soldering process itself, are performed on semi-automatic stations and then inspected. Thanks to this we are sure that all connections are made correctly.
We use measuring equipment with an LNA amplifier capable of measuring up to 4nV/√Hz of noise in the frequency range from 10Hz and above. Also additional tests and examinations during product production are performed: electronic tests, FLIR tests, and PAT tests. For our work, we also use artificial mains AC LISN network compliant with the CISPR 16-1-2 standard. This allows us to measure not only interference emitted towards powered devices, but also interference emitted towards back to the mains AC – which is especially important if your HiFi system is equipped with very sensitive devices such as preamplifiers.

Below we present a block diagram of our power supplies. They have been enriched with two-stage voltage regulation and additional highlighted blocks that compared to standard linear power supplies,  improve the ability to suppress noise and interference incoming from the mains AC network and significantly reduce the noise level of the output voltage.

But the most important thing is the quality control of the finished product. Each of our products is tested and its electrical parameters are checked. Products that do not meet the parameters declared by us are not put on sale. Each of our low noise power supplies is additionally tested under load, and their individual results of the output voltage noise spectrum are included in the form of an additional printout. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will receive a product of exactly the quality we declare, and not just advertising data.

We are present in many homes in Europe, North America and EurAsia. We owe such reach only to positive reviews directly from our users.

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