Lumin D2/U1 mini – low noise PSU

This power supply is used to upgrade various audio and digital devices.

An wide upgrade can be achieved with these devices by swapping the standard power supply for a better one. Musicality will increase noticeably, background will be quiter and dynamics will be enhanced.

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Upgraded super low noise power supply v.3. for Lumin D2/U1 mini streamers (includes PSU connection adapter).

It is an evolution of the previously built low noise power supply. Built with high-quality discrete components, it provides clean, interference-free power to your devices. Made in a black steel housing with integrated IEC socket with switch and fuse. It is only compatible with 220 – 240V networks.

PSU specification:

    • special housing construction isolating the transformer and the AC part from the electronics and the regulator
    • dedicated 70VA toroidal transformer with increased amount of copper
    • large capacity of the input filter – over 22000uF
    • two stage voltage regulation with a soft start procedure, and additional ripple filter
    • high PSSR, low noise floor: -148dB to -176dB in the range from 100Hz to 100kHz
    • low noise level: <4 uV AC RMS for the 0-20kHz frequency band (6 uV in the 0 to 100kHz range)
    • low Peak-Peak voltage: <50uV
    • maximum allowable current 2.5A
    • set includes an OFC 4N IEC cable (EU plug 3 x 0.75mm) and a DC cable on the GX16 connector.
    • output voltage: 12V (optional regulation from 12 to 13V)
    • dimensions: 120 mm width, 53 mm height, and 215 mm depth
    • weight: 1.7 kg

PSU adapter:

    • it replaces the factory power supply with a 230V socket

All measurements were made with a current load of 1A. The power supply is characterized by a constant noise level up to 2.5A load. Each power supply is tested before shipment and has individual ripple and noise measurement results attached to it.



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