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Special edition of our super-low noise power supply with power adapter, dedicated to Lumin T2 T3 players.

Built with high-quality discrete components, it provides clean, interference-free power for your devices. Made in a black steel housing with an integrated IEC socket with a switch and a fuse.  It is compatible only with 220 – 240V networks.

PSU specification:

    • special housing construction isolating the AC transformer from the electronics and the regulator
    • dedicated 70VA toroidal transformer with increased amount of copper
    • Mundorf M-Lytic AG and Panasonic FM capacitors, with a total capacity exceeding 35000uF
    • gold plated PCB finish
    • AC and DC sockets with high quality contacts (gold plating finish)
    • internal  wiring made from OFC copper
    • two stage voltage regulation with a soft start procedure, and additional ripple filter
    • high PSSR, low noise floor: -148dB to -176dB in the range from 100Hz to 100kHz
    • low noise level: <4 uV AC RMS for the 0-20kHz frequency band (6 uV in the 0 to 100kHz range)
    • low Peak-Peak voltage: <50uV
    • maximum allowable current 2.5A
    • set includes an OFC 4N IEC cable (EU plug 3 x 0.75mm) and a DC cable on the GX16 connector.
    • output voltage: 12V
    • dimensions: 120 mm width, 53 mm height, and 215 mm depth
    • weight: 1.8 kg

PSU adapter:

    • replaces the factory SMPSU power supply with a 230V socket
    • made of uniform material of high quality and dimensional accuracy
    • Schurter DC socket –  5.5/2.1mm type
    • original JST connectors (Mfg by Japan Solderless Terminal), machine crimped with cables (made as twisted pair)
    • high-quality TX10® precision screwdriver included in this set

The power supply is characterized by a constant noise level up to 2.5A load. Each power supply is tested before shipment and has individual ripple and noise measurement results attached to it (measurements were made with a current load of 1A)

Assembly instructions – PDF

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