Due to questions about the power supply for EVERSOLO DMP-A6 devices, we are happy to announce that we are currently working on low noise internal symmetrical power supply upgrade for EVERSOLO DMP-A6 streaming player.

Scheduled availability from 08 Jan 2024.

EA6 low-noise PSU is designed for installation inside the device – replacing the factory switching power supply without any additional modifications. Compared to the factory smpsu, it offers a significant reduction in power supply noise to a level 20 uVrms (tests below) and additionally reduces EMI and RFI interference from the built-in switching power supply.

Compatible with devices:

  • EVERSOLO DMP-A6 Standard
  • EVERSOLO DMP-A6 Master Edition

Tech brief details:

  • plug & play fully symetrical power supply upgrade dedicated to EVERSOLO DMP-A6 players
  • up to 40x times noise reduction for positive rail, and 4x times noise reduction for negative rail *
  • compatible with 220-240V AC mains networks
  • dedicated 40VA toroidal transformer
  • Nichicon and Panasonic OS-CON Japan capacitors – with ultra-low ESR
  • total capacitance of capacitors 21000uF

Results of current measurements (bandwidth 20 Hz to 100 kHz) **

Positive rail voltage of the power supply, load 1.2 A (factory display backlight, NVMe drive installed)
Scope1 – Factory smpsu noise: 800 uVrms, pk-pk voltage: 7 mV
Scope2 – EA6 power supply noise: 20 uVrms, pk-pk voltage: 0.17 mV


Negative rail voltage of the power supply, load 180 mA
Scope1 – Factory smpsu noise: 130 uVrms, pk-pk voltage: 1.2 mV
Scope2 – EA6 power supply noise: 35 uVrms, pk-pk voltage: 0.3 mV

* – with load of 0.8A to 1A for positive rail AC RMS noise is 680 uVrms for factory SMPSU – which corresponds to 30x times noise reduction.
** – EA6 power supply is currently in the pre-production prototype testing phase and we are still working on improving it more.

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