Bluesound Node 2 & 2i upgrade – low noise PSU interface

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308,00 PLN (excl. Tax)

LPSU interface for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i device.
This interface replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device.


LPSU interface for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i device.
This interface replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device.

Compared to the original power supply, this interface offers a significant reduction in noise level, to less than 1uV/Hz (depends on PSU used).


    • fuller sound, darker background, more space and details
    • more better controlled low tones
    • less harsh sounds at high frequencies


    • fully compatible with Node 2 and Node 2i design and operation
    • removes EMI/RFI sources from inside device
    • short-circuit and overload protection, reverse polarity protection
    •  over 7500uF ultra low ESR Panasonic capacitors
    • additional RC and CLC voltage filters for better ripple damping

Interface require 5V DC power supply.
Minimum current 2A, recommend 3A. DC plug 5.5/2.1mm (5.5/2.5mm compatible), center pin positive.
Interface is fully guaranteed even if third party power supplies are used.


Q&A:  Why you need a low noise power supply
Assembly instructions  – PDF

21 reviews for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i upgrade – low noise PSU interface

  1. Ajit Surjupersad

    Bought the PSU and board for my Node 2i. It was dispatched quick and received it in NZ quite fast.
    It was super easy to replace the board and hook up with the directions.
    The upgrade makes a massive difference to the sound quality. Quite background and the separation is marvelous. The bass response is much nicer. I know it is a controversial topic but according to me if you have good high end equipment then it makes all the difference.
    My node 2i is connected to a Bel Canto Dac 3 with Western Electric tube pre and 300B Western Electric mono blocks and valves. Thanks for this upgrade.

  2. Barry

    Bought PD’s PSU interface for my 2i and an SBooster 5V LPS and patiently let it all break in. It has been over 100 hours and I think it’s getting to the end of break in.

    The music sounds fantastic. I am really impressed.

    Thank you Pawel!

  3. Hochul Shim (verified owner)

    late review since long long delivery power supply from China,.
    But interface PCB delivery was extreamly speedy.

    easy to replacing, detail instruction.

    Remarkably, sound quality improved- smooth upper and deeper bass, clean stage, thicker sound.
    These results are the same between digital output to external DAC and internal DAC output.
    And Linear power supply charaterristics directly impact to sound quality.

    Highly recommend!

    From Korea,

  4. Reolof

    I bought the upgrade 1 week ago , the installation was easy with the very clear instructions. I bought the Meanwell PSU and this already gave noticeable improvements , now waiting for the Ultra Low Noise Power supply which is on test by PD Creative ..

  5. Steve

    From HK too, I struggled for a while to purchase it or not, because shipping fee is more than a half-price of this board ship to my region. Finally, it makes me no regret!
    Install instruction is clear with nice pictures, it spent me around 15 mins to replace the original board. The first impression by using this board is quite obvious that you will get a deeper meaningful bass. And at the same time, you can easily having an audition with darker background, clearer and wider soundstage, refinement with more details too. It also lets you get mid and high range improved a bit but not that obvious as low range does.
    Overall, I am very happy with this good product. Thank you!

  6. Raymond NG

    Hi from HONG KONG. Upgrade interface + 26800mah power bank also got a great improvement. Thank you!

  7. Juha Saarinen

    I purchased Node 2i PSU upgrade interface from Pawel early December 2020 and I have now had a few weeks to test it in my system (Accuphase + Magico).

    The instructions for the upgrade were easy to follow and the work needed for the upgrade took about 20 mins. All the required step were described in a manual with illustrations. Only tool needed for the job was a small screwdriver.

    Just before doing the upgrade I went through some of my normal test tracks, and right after I went through the same songs again. The difference was clear, much cleaner base and more relaxed highs. It was simple as that, it was very easy to spot the difference with base and highs, but at the same time not much difference in mids. This was the case with myself setup and as it was quite affordable and easy upgrade I quite pleased that I went through it.

    It’s easy to recommend the product and also shows the importance of the PSU with other audio products as well.

  8. Hannu

    Hello from Finland,
    I have now used the interface almost 2 months with Sbooster LPSU and I´m super happy about the sound of my Node 2i. Purchasing process went seamlesly and installation was really easy, took only 10 minutes because of really informative step-by-step guide which was included to the package. Difference to the stock Node is instantly audible. The interface doesn´t change Nodes sound signature dramatically, but there is huge difference in separation of instruments, details and musicality. Also low end is more natural and trebles harshness is now gone away. Recommended modification!

  9. Paweł

    Bought one a couple of months ago, used with allo shanti 5V. Speakers Focal Electra 1028BE, amp for now marantz PM8005. Noticable difference, the bass clearly improved and vocals are clearer.

  10. leonmicra

    Bonjour encore merci pour cette interface PSU.
    Elle m’a permis d’associer le Bluesound Node 2i à l’alimentation FARAD 3.
    Quel bon en avant ! des timbres plus doux, plus de fluidité de précision de transparence. une meilleur tenue du grave.
    Livraison rapide. colis bien emballé. Très facile à monter. mode d’emploi très bien fait. prix juste.

  11. Paweł Lech

    Installation following the attached procedure went like a breeze. Powered by simple Audiophonics LPSU, sound improved immediately: better channel separation, deeper bass, wider stage, background silence. BN got a second live.
    Highly recommended.
    Waiting for your LPSU.

    Thanks for all.

    Paweł Lech

  12. Rafał

    Jestem bardzo zadowolony z wymiany interfejsu. Zasilacz zastosowałem Tomanek ULPS KD502.

  13. Szymon

    Zakupiłem, wymieniłem i teraz słysze więcej i lepiej. Do tego dobry zasilacz i sprzęt gra tak, że więcej nie oczekuję po streamerze.

  14. muzaman

    Byłem tym szczęśliwcem, który jako jeden z pierwszych posiadał ten moduł w swoim Node 2i. Zmiana jaka zaszła w dźwięku dla mnie była rewolucyjna. Ciemniejsze tło, lepsza separacja, więcej planktonu, Dźwięk bardziej płynny, “dojżalszy”. Wrażenie jakby w systemie pracował streamer za znacznie większe pieniądze. U mnie Node 2i pracuje jako streamer po wyjściu COAX do zewnętrznego DAC zasilany przez Sboostera i takie combo to rewelacja.
    Gorąco polecam!!!!

  15. Lord J

    I’m in the UK and am in complete agreement with what others have written.
    For a very modest outlay and an addition of an Sbooster my Node 2i has been Significantly elevated in performance.
    It does indeed now compare with machines costing upwards of £1500. The very important thing from my experience is that the Bluesound operating system is stable and includes the Amazon HD music app which many of the more expensive machines don’t.
    I must also state that I only use the Node as a streamer and use an outboard dac.

  16. Mario

    Prosty upgrade zasilania podnosi node 2i na zdecydowanie wyższy poziom grania. Dźwięk nabrał większej rozdzielczości oraz kontroli na basie. Montaż w 5 minut na podstawie załączonej instrukcji i pozbywamy się zasilacza impulsowego niekorzystnego dla sieci. Polecam urządzenie oraz producenta.

  17. Freju

    Jako jeden z pierwszych klientów zamawiających moduł ,twórca zainstalował mi go osobiście w node2i , połączenie z dac hegel hd25 , wrażenia odsłuchowe absolutnie na plus w każdym aspekcie , oddech barwa i kontrola basu na dużo wyższym poziomie , ważne nie oszczędzać na zasilaczu im wyżej tym lepiej , czekam na kolejny produkt zasilacz liniowy myślę że się nie zawiodę a nawet jestem pewny że będzie to zasilacz skrojony na miarę i na każdą kieszeń . Tylko polecać – człowiek młody kreatywny otwarty na innowacje a w przyszłości jeszcze nas zaskoczy nie jeden raz 🙂

  18. Darek

    Najlepiej wydane moje pieniądze w audio.
    Największa poprawa na dole pasma,bas bardziej selektywny,zróżnicowany i nabrał kultury.
    Pojawiło się czarne tło i dźwięk w całym paśmie nabrał “sprężystości”.
    Node 2 kupiłem z ciekawości i miał skończyć jako kuchenny grajek, ale po tym modzie,szukam jakiegoś DAC do niego i zostaje w głównym systemie.

  19. Nigel

    Excellent device, superb value, clear instructions. I have a competitor product in another Node 2i. Sound quality is, to these ears, the same though I did not test exhaustively. But this one is substantially cheaper so represents excellent value for money. Highly recommended.

  20. John Enderby

    Bought one of these PS boards, took about 15 mins to install. I initially used it with a cheapo Chinese LPS and there was an immediate lift in the sound quality of my 4yr old Node2. I have since changed to an SBooster mk2 which has lifted things further. Additionally I have now added an external DAC (Jolida Glass fx) and my pimped Node2 + DAC now easily competes with £1500+ streamers.
    This interface mod + LPS is a no brainer if you value exceptional sound quality.

  21. Adam Davis

    I bought one of Pawel’s interfaces back in July 2020 to go in my Node 2.

    It arrived quickly from Poland, was well packaged and had good quality instructions that were easy to follow. It took me about 30 minutes to install the interface – make sure you have a good selection of small watchmaker screwdrivers and a pair of long nosed pliers to help with the install.

    I use an Allo Shanti with the interface and I am delighted with the way that both have enhanced the quality of the sound from my Node 2.

    Thoroughly recommended!

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