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Upgrade Kit for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i device.
This Kit contains:

    • Improved LPSU interface v.2
    • our upgraded super low noise  power supply version v.2 (incl. DC cable)

Compared to the factory power supply, this kit offers a 400-times noise reduction – from over 2000uV to 5uV AC RMS.
It has a built-in filter that offers additional power supply noise suppression.

    • much fuller sound, darker background, more space and detail
    • greater dynamics, better controlled low tones
    • less harsh sounds at high frequencies
    • fully compatible with Node 2 and Node 2i design and operation, removes EMI/RFI sources from inside device
    • voltage stabilization with overvoltage protection
    • Panasonic relay / with silver-alloy contacts
    • additional shielded coil and RC and CLC voltage filters for better ripple damping
    • ultra low ESR Panasonic and hybrid-polymer Kemet capacitors combined for better transient response speed
    • total capacity increased to 13000uF
    • anti-dust AC socket cover
Power Supply
    • power supply dedicated to Node 2, and 2i – output voltage 5V (compatible only with 220-240V main networks)
    • 50VA toroidal transformer in a separate chamber
    • large capacity of filter capacitors
    • two-stage voltage regulation with active ripple filter
    • super low noise

Assembly instructions  – PDF


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