Bluesound Node 2 & 2i upgrade kit – super low noise PSU + interface

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Upgrade Kit for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i device.
This Kit contains:
– PCB interface
upgraded super low noise PSU – version v.2

This upgrade replaces the original power supply. All you have to do is install it on your device and connect PSU.

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Upgrade Kit for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i device.
This Kit contains:

    • PCB interface
    • our newest upgraded super low noise  power supply version v.2 (incl. DC cable)

Compared to the original power supply and SMPSU power supply, this kit offers a significant sound improvement.

    • much fuller sound, darker background, more space and detail
    • greater dynamics, better controlled low tones
    • less harsh sounds at high frequencies
    • replaces the built-in power supply,
    • fully compatible with Node 2 and 2i
    • built on branded components, includes additional voltage filters
Power Supply
    • power supply dedicated to Node 2, and 2i – output voltage 5V (compatible only with 220-240V main networks)
    • 50VA toroidal transformer in a separate chamber
    • large capacity of filter capacitors
    • two-stage voltage regulation with active ripple filter
    • super low noise

Assembly instructions  – PDF

Ripple and noise of factory Node 2i psu.

Ripple and noise of this low noise upgrade kit.

10 reviews for Bluesound Node 2 & 2i upgrade kit – super low noise PSU + interface

  1. Ivan Jeremić (verified owner)

    I own Bluesound Node 2i, which is by itself fine sounding streamer, for couple of years now. I have used excellent power cable with it and it sounded way better. Lately I have purchased very expensive power conditioner for one of my more expensive systems and tried it on system with Bluesound Node and made it sound great My amplifier did not react great to power conditioner but Bluesound Node did. This made me to go hmmm. After few google searches I found PD Creative. Super low noise PSU + interface brought this system to whole another level! Music comes from pitch black background. More midrange. More details. Grainless highs. Bass is now tight and layered. Everything just sounds right. With this system I just listen to music and enjoy. I know this is a little bit over the top but this was last upgrade of this system and it made it perfect. If you own downstream capable of producing good sound and Node as streamer without PD Creative power supply, and you are not satisfied, this is the way to go. As an audiophile I am always looking for better sound but with this upgrade you know that for this kind of money you can not get better performance. If you own this PSU and it does not sound right in your system look at other parts of your system. This power supply is good as it gets.

  2. Grant (verified owner)

    This kit (with the super low noise PSU) was purchased to upgrade a BS Node 2 . Thank you Pawel for dispatching on a Sunday!

    The only problem I had with the Node 2 /2i interface upgrade was removing the existing connectors from the BS mainboard. This required long-nose pliers and quite a bit of force carefully applied. Once this was done, the remainder of the interface board was simple to install.

    Even after 8 hours of burn-in, this was a significant upgrade to the sound using an external DAC (through SPDIF out via AES/EBU transformer) and also via the internal DAC (RCA out).

    As other reviewers have noted, all the best attributes of my DAC were enhanced: more vivid and 3D-expanded soundstage, deeper bass, clearer highs, more harmony in the mid-range.

    These enhancements were all noted in the BS analogue out , to a lesser extent due to the relative quality of the inbuilt DAC, but still much more listenable than the unmodified sound.

    All in all , a very worthwhile upgrade.

  3. Frantisek Bartos

    The best improvement in audio business! Every owner of BS must be informed of this great products. I bought complete set with linear PS and the sound is pure analog! Thanks a lot, Pawel!

  4. Vanuxem (verified owner)

    Franchement achetez le kit complet proposé haut de gamme. Vous prenez une claque, c’est magnifique à tout de point de vue. Vous redecouvrez toute votre musique, du classique à lelectro. C’est comme écouter dans un trou de serrure puis passer à la lumière dans 7n énorme espace. Somptueux

  5. Ed

    This kit (with the big low noise PSU) was purchased to upgrade a BS Node 2i : fantastic result either using an external DAC with the BS (throug SPDIF out) or using the internal DAC (RCA out).

    Honestly I had already an interesting upgrade with the use of a Denafrips Ares II as an external DAC with the BSNode BUT using the BS Node with its internal DAC and this external PSU is already impressive and almost on par with using the Ares II !!! Which means a day and night improvement and the best bang for your buck option out there !

    This external PSU kit alone already brings better clarity, especially in the bass domain and the treble, becoming more defined – the result is a wider soundstage and better instrument separation with a more subtle resolution overall – I would say it brings at least 50% improvement in sound quality (don’t quote me on this, you can’t measure it, it’s subjective)

    When you combine both this external PSU and a very good external DAC (the internal DAC is already good in fact) it sounds absolutely fantastic and you completely rediscover your amplifier and speakers. I would say that there is no point to use a better DAC with the BSNode before you have already upgraded the power supply: The qualities of the Ares II in my case were only really revealed after the power supply upgrade on the BSN.

    And for the ones that would be afraid to open their BS and install the power board inside: it’s rather easy and it’s hard to break or damage anything – the operation is really safe.

  6. Angel Montiel (verified owner)

    Great upgrade for the Bluesound Node 2i.
    Yesterday, after installing the interface with the included instructions and preheating the PSU, I had a little scare due to an error of mine that I quickly noticed and solved, and the music started playing.
    After several hours listening yesterday and today since the beginning of this morning, I have to say that an improvement in the sound is already noticeable (more clarity and better dynamics). Really eager to do the full running-in shooting.
    The delivery was fast and the product arrived perfectly packaged. Excellent communication with PD and his attention was unbeatable. Really satisfied with this purchase.

  7. genergon

    Great improvement. I was not expecting such a fantastic result. The node2i is connected to a NAD C390DD DirectDigital DAC Amlifier which was analytical a bit grey, not too lively, in character until now when used with the standard node2i. Before the PSU upgrade, I could not hear a difference between SPDIF and AUDIO OUT RCA feeding de single-ended input card in the NAD C390DD. Now with the PSU upgrade, comparing SPDIF vs AUDIO OUT provides a very very significant improvement. SPDIF feeds the NAD built-in DAC though, and the AUDIO OUT RCA is converted again to digital for the NAD. And well, the digital-analog-digital does not degrade the signal. Quite the opposite, the sound is clearer, basses are tight and much more dynamic but also lacking any rumble and sort of resonnances that so far I was attributing to my room characteristic, but it is obviously not. On B&W 804D3 speakers, high and mediums are so natural and liquid with crystalline positioning and voices with good recordings are reaching out to the listener with deep emotional impact. Besides changing speakers from bookshelf to the B&W’s, I think this is the best upgrade I ever made in my system.

  8. Jean-Yves Francois (verified owner)

    Excellent upgrade for Bluesound Node 2 !
    I installed it on Node 2. If you follow precisely the instruction guide, it’s quite easy. As shown in the assembly guide, long nose pliers are required to disconnect the connectors. Finding the good pliers was the most difficult.
    After assembly, I immediately tested it and I was disappointed with the sound !
    I decided to let it burn in during the day playing music and came back in the evening, 8 hours later.
    I didn’t recognize my Node 2, the sound was better everywhere, Wonderful !
    The sound was simultaneously softer with more richness and an easy dynamic. The soundstage was easily perceivable. I could listen to music louder without any fatigue. I had the feeling to attend directly to the recording session.
    I didn’t heard until now such richness of these music files (44,1 kHz / 16 bits). Until now my best digital source was my high-end CD player connected to the DAC but after this upgrade the Node 2 took the lead !
    So I decided to listen some transfers from LP to wav files (44/16 and 96/24). Until now I was always disappointed with these files because the transfers sounded poor in direct comparison with LP. This test was the definitive proof of the progress of the upgraded Node 2 , I was able to get back the original softness and the richness of the LP. It’s now a pleasure to rediscover these recordings immediately accessible on the SSD.

    Equipment for test:
    – Node2 + PD Creative Upgrade Kit + Ultra low noise PSU. Node was connected by Coax SPDIF to DAC.
    – SSD connected through USB to Node 2 and loaded with wav files extracted from CD or bought from Qobuz (192/24) and transfers from LP (44/16 and 96/24)
    – DAC and headphone amplifier Fostex HPA8C upgraded with Burson and Sparko AOP
    – Headphone MEZE Empyrean
    – Accuphase Integrated
    – Focal Electra Loudspeakers + Velodyne subwoofer
    – Neotech UP OCC Cables everywhere
    – iFi AC Purifier

  9. Pedro

    Incredible package, I can only highly recommend this amazing product, giving the node 2/2i a next performance level.

  10. Jens Hoekstra (verified owner)

    Alle Versprechen haben sich bestätigt!
    Bin begeistert.👍

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