In the audio world, many devices are equipped with switched mode power supplies. They are very cheap and efficient, but unfortunately also have their disadvantages. Many of them generate enormous distortions and noise that affect the quality of music. Replacing such power supply with a linear power supply can bring surprising results and improve the sound.

The constant search for better quality means that better and better solutions are available, the innovation is the combination of a very large smoothing capacity with an additional very efficient low-pass filter. Thanks to this, we can offer systems with an incomparably lower amount of interference and noise.

Our offer includes linear power supplies and power sets for some popular hi-fi devices. We offer the best in terms of comfort and quality at very affordable prices.

Also we make individual electronic components for automation, intelligent houses, actuators for controllers and measurement systems for industry. We are electronics enthusiasts. We invite you to take advantage of our experience and our products. If you are interested in building your custom layout, please write to us.

We invite you to take advantage of our experience.